Bronze Bod: Custom Airbrush Tanning


We are the only salon in DSM to carry Infinity Sun!

Infinity Sun is the most elite spray tanning product on the market. You will find their products on many Hollywood stars, in magazines, and on beauty bloggers. Infinity Sun is known as the brand that celebrities prefer! Treat yourself to an A-list service for a an affordable price! Infinity Sun can be seen on E! Network, in Radar Online, Glamour Magazine, Vogue Magazine, and O Magazine. 

There's no secret here at Bronze Bod.. we want the best for all of our bronzed beauties! We do just that with our Infinity Sun equipment!

over spray filter

Our Pink Spa Lite Infinity Sun system allows us to adjust our intensity of spraying action. This allows us to create an all over, even application in just 15 minutes! The image to the right is our over spray diffusor. This will keep the air  clean and clear while you're getting bronzed and beautiful! This system is the strongest diffusor on the market leaving it almost 99.9% overspray free! 

We take pride in providing our clientele with A-list products for an affordable price. Our clients deserve the best of the best and that's exactly what they will receive with us! 


Weddings/Bridal parties

Keep it simple! Even out your complexion with just a little pop of color. A spray tan can be just like make up; making you look put together! They don't have to be dark, we have over 30 shades to choose from! We want you to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin! 

bodybuilding tan

fitness & Pageant competitions

Create a natural glow without looking 'over done' or 'fake baked'. We prep all of our clients skin with an equalizer. This will even out any 'dry' or 'rough' areas on your skin giving you the perfect complection! 


glow on the go!

Make your tan last longer with Infinity Sun's tan extenders, exfoliators, hydrating mists, and more! We have all their products in stock and ready to be taken home with you! Get their glow on the go to touch up areas as you await your next appointment! Organic ingredients and hypoallergenic.