My goal is to make products that look good, feel good and are good for the skin." — Jane

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Our Cruelty-Free Makeup Pledge

Jane Iredale is a certified cruelty-free cosmetics brand, recognized by both Leaping Bunny and PETA for our voluntary commitment to no animal testing at every stage of product development and manufacturing. This pledge to cruelty-free makeup and skincare has always been at the core of our brand. We believe it is an essential element in our holistic approach to creating responsible, healthy beauty.

Compassion for Animals

Being an animal-friendly skincare and makeup brand means we believe that testing our products and ingredients on animals is cruel and unnecessary. Our commitment to no animal testing includes not allowing third-party animal testing for product registration purposes. We also do not sell our products in markets where testing on animals is required.

Product Testing

In the cosmetic industry, there are mandatory tests and voluntary tests. We do both. Because jane iredale believes in offering you the highest quality products possible, it has conducted tests not required of a cosmetic manufacturer, such as comedogenicity, photosensitivity and more. Your safety is important to us.

For Vegan or Gluten Free information: please visit the link provided... https://janeiredale.com/us/en/vegan-and-gluten-information.htm

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